Emerging Markets

Shlomo Tarba

Shlomo Tarba
University of Birmingham, UK

Iian Alon

Ilan Alon
Universitetet i Agder, Norway

This track explores the role of emerging markets in international business and it encourages interdisciplinary studies that crosses traditional areas of business. What makes emerging markets research unique is the focus on the context. Emerging markets institutions are different than advanced markets and they have more institutional voids. Emerging markets’ firms, therefore, behave and interact with others in unique ways. In recent year, particular attention was given to emerging markets multinationals (EMNCs). All papers investigating international strategies or management practices that are associated with MNEs from developing and emerging countries are welcomed. Given the different institutional environments, comparative papers are also sought. Some of the relevant questions include but are not limited to: How do companies coming from countries at different levels of economic or political development differ in their global strategies? How do firms develop resources and capabilities to deal with the particular economic, geographic, political and social conditions of their home countries and use these abroad?; What are the contextual differences in emerging markets environments affecting companies, industries, development and consumers?; How does the home country context affect the innovativeness and types of innovations that firms create, exploit or explore in their global expansion?; How do ownership arrangement and organizational forms prevalent in certain countries, such as business groups and state owned firms, impact on investment strategies?; How do EMNCs establish home-host country technological, organizational and operational links?; What are the implications of emerging markets to consumer behavior, marketing strategy, organizational behavior, sustainability practices, and ethics?

research including strategy; consumer behavior; organizational behavior; marketing; international trade; entrepreneurship and ethics.